Nikonians Virtual Exhibition 2020
The Best of Nikonians 2020 Virtual Exhibition

After a month of work on the new Nikonians Virtual Exhibition, using the platform of the Berlin based Kunstmatrix, we at Nikonians are now (16-APR-2021) online with our first exhibition, showcasing 72 great artworks from the finalists and winners from the latest Best of Nikonians 2020 Photo Contest.

jrp and I are very thankful to Tom (sevendayimages) to suggest this format and to Dave (dm1dave) for the intense work the two of them have spent on our new project to get it off the ground.

Beta phase

We are running this exhibition in a beta phase for approx a month, to get feedback from our members and to see what can be improved. After that we are expecting to start rolling out a second exhibition if all goes well.


We are somewhat limited to what we can configure regarding the navigation and early on it was clear to us on the team that dragging the mouse for panning (moving) could feel counter intuitive. When you are clicking and dragging the mouse to the right, you will see more of the right part of the exhibition, and not that of the left part. So, it does not behave like a finger on a screen when you tap and drag. We have raised this issue with Kunstmatrix and so far there is no solution available to it.