Our charming retro-cottage in the beautiful Slovak mountains, built back in 1947 by a relative coming back from Canada to Slovakia, is available to rent for weekends and longer stays. We have been working on and off on “Dvor Hrivko” (“Farm” or “Court Hrivko”) throughout the last 18 months, turning it into a cozy, relaxing place with modern comforts while reusing and fixing usable, older items.

Being located in the protection zone of three National Parks – the Low Tatras, Muránská planina and Slovak Paradise, this is a great area for hiking, discovering interesting trails, go mountain biking, trail running or skiing. The house is situated quite high, but centrally in the village of Heľpa, in the Upper Hron river valley, below the Kralova Hoľa massif on the southern slopes of the Low Tatras mountains in Central Slovakia.

The middle room is spacious with its own fireplace

Dvor Hrivko consists of the main house – the cottage, a woodshed plus a barn with stables. The cottage provides approx 100m2 space on the ground floor, divided into two generous bed rooms, kitchen, a bathroom with bathtub/shower and a pantry.

Outside sitting and grilling area in the garden

The barn divides the grounds into two distinct areas, the upper garden – an orchard with ca 750m2 and the lower garden with ca 500m2. The lower garden provides privacy with a tall wooden fence and gate towards the street. The orchard have a total of 24 trees, out of which 19 are apple trees, two are cherry, two are pear and one is plum.

According to the official deeds, the plot is from 1898 whereas the main house was built by Master builder Ondrej Farkaš, from Nandráž, Revúca (todays Slovakia). Back then, the house was built at the outskirts of the village, on the fields towards the mountains and there were no neighbouring houses whatsoever.

Sauna at the cottage after a hike or skiing

The main house accommodates up to seven people without feeling too crowded, but can also be enjoyed by a single couple and a cozy fireplace ensures that romantic stays are guaranteed.

To learn more about our “Chalupa” (cottage), its surroundings and availability, see the Dvor Hrivko site and the reservation page there.