Helping your organization adapt in a rapidly changing world.

We are experiencing monumental changes: Societal, economical and environmental. As captains of organizations we must shift our focus from passion to purpose, to work together for a better future and a legacy beneficial to coming generations.

About Bo Stahlbrandt

Born in Sweden, I am an entrepreneur since my teens, founder of Nikonians and enprovia having +35 years of experience in tech & online companies.

In addition to the work within my own organizations, since 2018 I am working hands-on coaching entrepreneurs in Central Europe, mainly Vienna (Austria) and Bratislava (Slovakia), where I'm living most of the year. This gives me the chance to further share what I have learnt while engaging with talented businesswomen and men to solve complex issues.

Learn. Adapt. Change

I am helping you to embrace change like you have never done it before; Both on an individual and organizational level and to work towards a better, sustainable future with all means you have available.

The Frauenkirche in Dresden, Germany.

Organizations that benefit the most out of my experience are typically technological companies, such as IT outsourcing specialists, or online marketing and communication organizations. They often have geographically distributed teams.

The main areas of my work are:

  • Organizational management
  • Business development
  • Strategic decision making

My technological and managerial background, while wearing both CTO and CEO hats working with teams from different cultures, comes in handy during the coaching sessions.

After we have been working together for some time, you should be thrilled about the possibilities you and your organization have. You should be excited about your teams future and its capability of a more effective and robust delivery, all while you are contributing positively towards our environment and society.

Short, quick fixes are seldom effective in solving the serious issues and threats we are facing, rather we must understand that commitment to change means robust allocation of both effort and resources. Even if my personal contribution might be smaller, the required investment towards your organization might never the less be substantial.

Should you be interested in discussing your organizations requirements and to see if there is a match with my capabilities, please do reach out. I speak Swedish, German and English.

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