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Sites are only fun if they are continously changing. To find out what has changed here since your last visit, have a look at the modification history table below.

The waterfalls at Triberg. Click for 1024 x 768

The waterfalls at Triberg, Germany. August 1999.
Nikon F5, Nikkor AF 80-200/2,8 on Velvia slide film.
There are many more pictures on this site.

Site history - the modifications done

12-Feb-00 Added the databased link section
04-Feb-00 Changed the font size from "1" to "2" - it's now bigger.
19-Jan-00 Added the discussion section
19-Dec-99 More links added to photography power links. New welcome screen.
11-Dec-99 Added more pictures to the F5 review. Minor text corrections on different pages.
23-Nov-99 Added more pictures to various areas.
09-Oct-99 Removed the "latest additions" section from the jump matrix and located it here. Added a news and a contact page. The velvia page has been completely reworked and extended. More pictures were included on various pages.
19-Sep-99 Camera Obscura: The complete F5 review added.
13-Sep-99 Beyond routines: The SETI@home page added.
30-Aug-99 More information added to the F5 experience.
25-Aug-99 New pictures added to the people page.
15-Aug-99 History buffed: 8 new pages added on the WWII secret operations "Moewe".
09-Aug-99 New pictures added to various areas.
12-Jul-99 Security minded: Now up and running.
11-Jul-99 Family hooked: Historical Stahlbrandt's.
08-Jul-99 Camera Obscura: Added info on the 80-200 Nikkor.
07-Jul-99 Stories to be told: A new area added. Relax for a second and read The importance of a day.
04-Jul-99 A site wide search engine has been added.
03-Jul-99 All images on the site have been compressed for faster download.
Readers can now leave a comment on most pages - and read what others had to say - just click on the "Make comment" link at the bottom of a page.
19-Jun-99 Added a site map
18-Jun-99 Gone Fishing: now up with a web travel report from our trip to India (in Swedish).
13-Jun-99 Camera Obscura: Three new pages up: the Velvia page hosting several recent pictures taken on Fujichrome Velvia, the leaves portfolio and the people page.
06-Jun-99 Contact Friendly: Our guestbook is now up and running - check it out.
01-Jun-99 Camera Obscura: Page added for the Nikon SB-24 flashlight.

Notes on using this site

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2. For best viewing pleasure of the images held on this site, your monitor should be calibrated. If you're not sure what this mean, have a look at the monitor calibration page.

3. All pictures (if not stated otherwise) are Copyright (C) by Bo Stahlbrandt 1999, 2001. If you want to use any of these for whatever purpose, please get in touch with me before using any of them :-) You may also be able to get high resolution images from me. Just write me a note.

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