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Stop for a second and relax -- don't rush yourself. You will never have enough time to discover everything that interests you, but maybe you find a part of that stuff right here.

Dort nicht hier (german for "there not here"). Click for 1024 x 768

A sign outside of the tourist office in the city of Rottweil, Germany. August 1999. Nikon F5, Nikkor AF 80-200/2,8 on Velvia slide film.
There are many more pictures on this site.

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  • Added the links database where visitors can add their own links under different categories.
  • [e], the company where I host this site, screw up big time and have amongst others been able to:

    1) kill the statistics for December (that was probably a Y2K bug they had since it automagically disapeared 31-Dec-1999 - though they never admitted it. They also have a "we're Y2K proof" logo at their site...)

    2) kill off the statistics for February - anything after 02-Feb-2000 is dead :-/

    Anyways, the month of January had over 48000 hits! (January stats survived their techs attacks - hurray for pros!)
  • Added the discussions section with some 12 different forums. The forums are thread based, support both subscriptions of topics and "e-mail me when someone posts a reply to my message". This is a great way to stay interactive and we're using one of the top rated web based conference applications available for this.

    It's free, it's non-profit and it's fun! Try it out!

  • We got selected as the site of the month by focus-online [e]!
11-Dec-99 Due to time constraints at work, I have not been capable of getting all the stuff I'd planned for the site done, though some minor stuff has been added, mainly pictures. The People page has priority, since the pictures aren't really good. A Fujichrome Provia 100F page is in the works too.

The site now holds over 50 pages. The People page are currently being completely reworked - I hope that I'll be able to put up the new page within the next 10-12 days.


This site has been up and running since April 1999 and for the first time in its young history, we now have over 1,000 hits per day. Most of you are interested in the Nikon F5 and SB-24 reviews. On third place comes the paper pertaining to the history of the secret german WWII operations Moewe. Thanks to all of you friendly souls from all over the world who have been sending me e-mails commenting on the site - it's truly a joy to share thoughts. Bo

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