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Germans spend the highest amount per year, both per capita and as a nation in whole world wide, travelling around as tourists. I am not a german, yet I like to travel. I've not been around that much and often the pictures I took are meanwhile lost somewhere in a big, dark, deep drawer. Some of them, together with the textual report have been placed here as web travel reports - enjoy (or dislike). Bo

Bo with beauties: click for 800 x 600
A cheesy picture of me with some black beauties at the market place in Lagos/Nigeria 1991. Nikon F-401, AF 35-70 cheapo-zoom on Agfa CT-something. Included for amusement only.

India March/April 1996 (in swedish only)

We went to see some good US american friends of ours.

Read about:

  • how we just managed to avoid an autobahn multiple-car collision,
  • Air-India's "Fly & Die" programme,
  • a restaurant for guaranteed stomach problems and
  • how indians save power by driving at night without headlights turned on.

Read the full story (8800 words, 42000 characters and some images)


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Egypt 1998/1999
Nigeria 1991
Sweden (various years)


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