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Oh, you river of time - You keep on flowing, though your stream stops as the last man has told his tales about you.

Stories (are) to be told

There has been so much said and so much written over the eons. Why yet another contribution when one may feel that all there is to say has already been said? The short answer is a simple one;
for the experience - for the sensation of creation and for the notion of being alive. Through words we experience ourselves. We find portions of our personna which might have gone undetected, hadn't we've been formulating these thoughts into words: It's all a reflection of the self and where these reflections contribute to the understanding of the mechanisms of existence - all seen in the perspective of the self.

You are warmly welcome to contribute to the Stories to be told area - just write us a note.


The importance of a day
A fictional story written by Bo back in 1997, loosely based upon personal experiences.

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