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Power. This page contains links to handpicked, real power sites
which have been listed
more or less alphabetically.
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[thumbs up!] indicates sites which I visit frequently, contains real content to digest for hours, i.e. stuff that I really can recommend.
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Photography power home pages

Great! Phil Greenspun (
Tons of info at probably one of the most visited photo related sites on the net. Not really Phil's homesite, but he remodelled the other site to mostly include non-photography stuff. is well worth a visit. Content rules!
Great! John W. Herbst
Wildlife photographer. Many good articles and shots.
  Darryl Humphrey
Fashion shots taken on among others Agfa Ultra 50 - also with one of my Ultra 50 favourite shots.
  Charles Keng
Good articles, such as the F5 info and specs. Poor design.
  Andy Roo
Nice product reviews.
  Hans Pahlen
Many great b/w pictures, mainly taken with Leica.
  Karolina Pahlen
Lovely pictures from among others Kenya taken by a young female photographer using amongst others a F4s and Nikkor 180/2.8. Great shots.
Great! J. Ramón Palacios
Includes a very well written photography "Love Story". FAQ (What camera to buy? and What film to use?), Nikon F5 data and other tidbits.
Great! Moose Peterson
Wildlife photographer. One of the best F5 sites on the net. Content rules!
Great! Photography in Malaysia (Leo Foo)
Lots of information - truly worth a visit. Navigation could be better.
  Bjoern Roerslett
A norwegian wildlife photographer with a great Nikon Page and marvelous design.
  Ronald Shu
Website with links and gallery. A tad tough to overview, but nevertheless good links.

Nelson Tan
Large number of many good articles


Anders Tukler
Photographer from my hometown Uppsala, Sweden. Several nice shots from Uppsala among others.


Photography power resource sites

Great! Nikonians - The Friendly Nikon Users Community
The #1 Nikon community on the web with discussion forums, galleries, contests, book reviews and product articles.

Askey's Digital Photography Review Forum
Tons of postings here, though also a lot of rambling and flamewars :-(

  Steve Bloom
Great wildlife stock photography page
Great! Don's Nikon Links
A great assortment of links to Nikon related sites which is updated frequently. Currently (05-Jun-2000) with more than 720 Nikon links. Content rules!
  Focus Online
A tad too commercial for my taste, but with some great galleries and picture of the month.
  Michael McLennan's Nikon Links Page
A huge list, though with poor design and pretty seldom updated.
Great! Photocritique Forum
Qiang Li's forum. Lots of postings and many members. If you want to check out how good (or bad) your shots are, try this site. Content rules!
Great! PhotographyReview
Photography reviews and forums. One of my favourite hangouts. If you're a good photographer, pop in here to help others in the Helpfiles section. If you want to get your pics reviewed by others, upload them here, either in the Viewfinder section or in the Vision gallery.
Pretty good resources - tries to be a portal. Has sections as Bookstore, Calendar w Weekly Updates, Classifieds, Gallery, Newsline, Product Report, Software, theResource and Workshop.

Photoshopper forum
21 different forums (General Photography, Boudoir Photography, Fashion Photography, Glamour Photography, Outdoor Photography, Wedding Photography, Digital Photography, Darkroom Techniques, 35mm Cameras etc etc)

Threads never ends (typically +100K per page) :-(
Doesn't seems to be too moderated (needs sweeping IMHO)

  Picture Perfect
Several great articles with among others a well written comparison between the Canon EOS3 and the Nikon F5.
  Nature Photography of Steve and Carol Shelden
Great stock photography site
Great! Neal Vaughan
Nicely compiled Nikon link list and up to date.
Great gallery containing many good photographers. Promotes Stock photography.

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