Nikon F-401 (N4004)
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I liked my F-401, even if it had a terribly slow AF. It was fun to experiment with this camera and somehow I miss this little fellow.

Leaves. Click for 800 x 600

Some leaves in the Schlosspark Donaueschingen, Southern Germany 1989.
Nikon F-401 and Nikkor AF 35-70 on Agfa CT slide film.
There are more pictures taken of leaves with the F-401 here

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Some of the last pictures taken with the F-401

I sold my F401 at an online auction here in Germany and bought the F5. These are just a few of the last pictures I took with the F-401. They are not especially good, but I sort of like them :-). Main purpose for locating the images here was to show some friends the results of the Nikon Coolscan III (LS-30).

All images were scanned at 1350 dpi, except image No. 4 wich was scanned at 2700dpi. The dia/negative film strip scanner was connected to a G3/266 MT Mac [e] using the standard Nikon Scan software V2.2 (comes with the scanner).

By clicking on an image, you can view a medium sized JPEG, having a max. size of 800 x 600 pixels, compressed as a Medium Quality (level 4) JPEG.

Skies over Karnak Temple

1. Skies over Karnak, Luxor, Egypt. January 1999. Kodak Gold ISO 100 [e]. Nikon F-401 w. 35-70/3,3-4,5 AF and Skylight 1B filter.

This picture was taken using the cheap Kodak Color Gold 100 (not the "Royal", i.e. the pro version). I think it turned out ok. It was one of those "ohoh-moments" as I saw the sky at the Temple of Karnak [e]. The golden tone lime stones in the foreground got caught pretty sharp. I've removed some tiny birds in the sky with Photoshop since they disturbed the over all impression :-)

Young egyptian playing cool

2. Young egyptian, Luxor, Egypt. January 1999. Fujichrome (dia) Sensia II RA 100 [e]. Nikon F-401 w. 50/1,4 AF and built in(!) flashlight.

Was taken late afternoon in one of the poorer parts of Luxor. The fellow didn't speak much of any english, but liked to pose. In the back there's somekind of garage - maybe for bikes. As I didn't have the SB-24 flashlight mounted, the small built-in flash on the F-401 had to do (it didn't <:-)) . I used the Fujichrome Sensia II 100 which costed about the same as a Velvia here (which they didn't have). Should have brought more film with me from Germany... The "noise" in the blacks aren't from the CoolScan, but rather artifacts from my processing and downgrading. To get somewhat of a sense how the scanner behaves in shades, check picture number 3. You want to have no noise in the blacks? Even the LS-30 produces some - if you're a rich fellow, or daddy pays, try out the multi-scan feature of the Super Coolscan LS-2000 [e] (or the LS-4500 AF Multi-Format [e]).


The Karnak Temple

3. The Temple of Karnak , Luxor, Egypt. January 1999. Fujichrome (dia) Sensia II RA 100 [e]. Nikon F-401 w. 35-70/3,3-4,5 AF and Skylight 1B filter.

Taken early afternoon in the Column Alley at the Temple of Karnak [e]. This temple is really an impressive sight. I shot some four rolls there, mainly Sensia II 100. I will add some more pictures from that temple later on. The Sensia is really quite sharp, and on the 1:1 1350dpi version of this picture (not here on the site) you can even clearly see the figures and their colors on the upper, horizontal stones. One should keep in mind that this picture was taken with a fairly lousy 35-70 zoom lens... The colors are as I remember them; brown is brown and blue is true sky blue.


Tree and electricity pole on the Baar Plateu

4. Baar, the Black Forest, Germany, February 1999.
Ilford XP2 [e]
(chromogenic B/W, not the "Super") at ISO 400. Nikon F-401 w. 50/1,4 AF.

Taken on a sunny Sunday afternoon close to my home in the Black Forest, Germany. I like the composition of the picture, even if it's technically not perfect, being a tad overexposed. Typically a metering problem and I'm curious to know how the F5 would have dealt with the same light.
I used the older, no more available, Ilford XP2.

The river Breg in the Black Forest

5. The river Breg, the Black Forest, Germany, February 1999. Ilford XP2 [e] (chromogenic B/W, not the "Super") at ISO 400. Nikon F-401 w. 50/1,4 AF and SB-24 Flashlight as fill flash.

This is currently one of my favourites. Also taken using the XP2. Light conditions were pretty perfect and the sharpness of the picture is really good considering it was done at ISO 400. There's a dark stone at the lower front of the image being really sharp and together with the grass on the right hand side, one can maybe get a feel of the quality of the 50mm 1:1.4 Nikkor. The river Breg flows into Danube together with the river Brigach in the city of Donaueschingen, so this is one of the "mothers" of Danube - quite small at this location though.

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