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Gravitational shielding experiments

Gravitational shielding is yet a fairly new discovery which I find most interesting. We still don't know what gravity really is, ok, we have plenty of models all trying to describe the nature of gravity, may it be gravitons or the numerous ether models, yet all of them have come short in completely defining the underlaying physics. If we can master gravity, we can master time... If we can master gravity, we don't have a problem with space travel, nor any (major) logistical headaches when it comes to, e.g., the transport of a 5,000 tons power plant from Europe to mainland China. I think we still have a far way to go when it comes to understand - and even more, to deploy our own, home made - gravity, but what happened in Finland back in 1995 may change a lot of traditional thinking in the near future.

Current experiements have shown a weight loss in the range of some 0.5-3%, which is enormous, even if we're taken a statistically large measurement error into account.

In these "gravity shielding experiments", small weights are suspended by extremely sensitive strain gauge devices. Placed closely underneath are rapidly rotating superconducting ceramic discs, which in turn are in a state of levitation due to the superconducting Meissner effect. It has been found in a number of different experiments that a significant fraction of weight is lost from the suspended materials. The effect was first discovered by Tampere University of Technology physicists E. Podkletnov and R. Nieminen, and published in paper entitled "A Possibility of Gravitational Force Shielding by Bulk YBa2Cu307-x Superconductor" (Physica C 203, 1992, pp 441- 444).

Podkletnov later published a second paper with colleague A.D. Levit, "Gravitational Shielding Properties of Composite Bulk YBa2Cu307-x Below 70C Under Electro-magnetic Field" (Tampere University of Technology Report MSU-95 chem, January 1995). This paper provides even stronger evidence for the weight loss effect. In this 2nd experiment, samples of different composition and weight (10-50grams) were placed at distances of 25mm to 1.5 meters from the rotating disk. The resultant mass losses went as high as around 2% -- undeniably a statistically significant amount.

Even more interesting, is the fact that NASA is reported to be conducting, or about to conduct similar gravity shielding experiments. Scientists Ning Li and D.G. Torr at the University of Alabama, Huntsville, have written a number of papers in major journals on the relationship between superconductors and gravitation. Itís not hard to understand why NASA would be interested in the subject. Although other researchers have duplicated these findings, no accepted theory of this new phenomenon has yet to emerge. More than one reputable physicist has gone on record as saying itís physically impossible for there to be a direct "electro-gravitic" coupling of such a large magnitude, according to the standard classical General Theory of Relativity when combined with Maxellís electromagnetic fieldequations.

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